Tramadol is an opioid analgesic which works by altering the brain’s response to sensations such as pain. This drug is used as a reliever of moderate and severe pain. This medication may be taken on a continuous basis or on demand.


Tramadol is a prescription medication. It should only be used upon being instructed to do so by a doctor. It is illegal to possess this drug without a valid prescription. If taken in an uncontrolled manner, it could lead to addiction. It could also cause withdrawal symptoms when use is stopped abruptly.


The common dosage of Tramadol prescribed is 25 mg over a period of 3 days. It should be taken four times a day. The prescribed dose is dependent on age, medical condition and response to medication.


Can Tramadol cause addiction or physical dependence?

When compared to other opiate-based medications, addiction to Tramadol is difficult. However, addiction is still possible. To avoid this, take low doses of the medication over a short period of time. This reduces the possibility of getting addicted to the medication. Those who use Tramadol is high doses over a long period of time are at a higher risk of getting addicted to the medication.


These patients also experience withdrawal symptoms when taken off the medication. Some of these symptoms include sweating, palpitations, headaches, electric shock sensations, increased aggressiveness, increased anxiety, brain zaps, and depression.


In a huge number of withdrawal cases, these symptoms appear about 12-20 hours after the medication is withdrawn. This time frame varies from one patient to the other. To reduce the risk of experiencing these symptoms, get off the medication gradually. An abrupt stoppage of the use of Tramadol increases the risk of withdrawal symptoms.


Can one buy Tramadol online?

It is possible to legally buy Tramadol online. This can be done by visiting a reputable and licensed online pharmacy and placing the order. When ordering this medication, the prescription should be presented to the dispensing pharmacist, failure to which the order will not be completed.


When buying Tramadol online, it is important to carry out checks on the online pharmacy so as to ensure they are reputable and only sell high-quality medication. In some cases, fake online pharmacies sell low quality or counterfeit Tramadol to unsuspecting buyers. So, what steps should one take to ensure they get genuine and high quality medication? Here are a few:


  • Ensure the pharmacy is registered and licensed. Licensed pharmacies have fulfilled the necessary requirements and are thus genuine businesses. Such pharmacies only stock genuine medication.
  • Ensure the pharmacist requests to see your prescription. Since Tramadol is a prescription medication, before being purchased, a valid prescription should be presented to the pharmacist. Online pharmacies that claim to sell Tramadol without a prescription are selling fake Tramadol and should thus be avoided.
  • Ensure the online pharmacy has a return policy for all their products. This goes a great way in reaffirming the credibility of the pharmacy.


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