Cytotec (Misoprostol)



Cytotec is a medication that is taken to prevent stomach ulcers that may occur when taking NSAIDs such as naproxen, ibuprofen and aspirin. This medication is mainly used by those at risk of developing ulcers or those with a history of stomach ulcers.


Cytotec works to decrease the complications that are brought about by stomach ulcers such as bleeding. It lowers the amount of acid stomach that comes into contact with the stomach lining. When used together with mifepristone, this medication is used to induce an abortion. Also, it may be used to induce labor for pregnant women by contracting the muscles of the womb.


How to use Cytotec

Before taking this medication, it is recommended to consult a doctor. This will ensure that Cytotec is the best medication to treat your condition. Cytotec will only treat your condition if it is the right prescription medication for the condition.


Follow all instructions on the packaging or as issued by the doctor. Sticking to the prescribed dose will ensure that you do not overdose or double dose on the medication. For those that need an adjustment on their dose, consult your doctor for dose adjustment.


This medication is taken through the mouth (orally). It should be taken with food. Also, it is better to take it at bedtime. It is recommended that Cytotec be taken 4 times a day. When taking this medication, avoid the use of antacids that contain magnesium as this may make your diarrhea worse.


The best results are realized when Cytotec is regularly used. The dose is based on the condition being treated and response to the treatment. Also, it is recommended to take the medication at the same times every day. Do not stop taking Cytotec until the prescribed period or treatment cycle is over.


Store this medication properly, at room temperature, away from moisture and heat. Consult your doctor if your condition fails to improve.



Patients who are allergic to Cytotec should not take it. Discuss any past allergic reactions arising from medication that you have had. Before taking Cytotec, consult your doctor or pharmacist to get the assurance that this medication is safe for you.


Cytotec is not recommended for people with stomach/intestinal disease. Before getting Cytotec, discuss your medical history with your doctor.


It is vital to inform the surgeon of your use of Cytotec or any other medication you are currently using before undergoing surgery.


Avoid the use of alcohol and tobacco as this raises the risk of stomach bleeding.


Cytotec should never be used during pregnancy. More details can be obtained by talking to your doctor. For breastfeeding women, discuss with your doctor the pros and cons before breastfeeding as Cytotec passes into breast milk but is unlikely to harm your nursing infant.


If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.


Side effects

Side effects are uncommon when taking Cytotec. However, some users may experience stomach cramps or nausea. If you experience these side effects persistently, seek medical assistance.


Serious side effects are not experienced by most users. However, some users may experience are unusual/heavy vaginal bleeding, signs of dehydration and menstrual problems. If you experience any of these, seek immediate medical assistance.


Cheap Cytotec online

Currently, most online pharmacies sell this medication at cheap and discounted prices. Since most users buy Cytotec online, online pharmacies have over the years improved their customer service, meaning those who choose to buy medication online enjoy excellent customer service. Cheap Cytotec is also readily available online and can be bought even without a prescription.


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