Claritin (Loratadine)



Claritin is a medication that is taken to provide relief from symptoms of allergies such as watery eyes, runny nose, itching and sneezing brought about by hay fever. This medication is classified as an antihistamine and does not treat/prevent a serious allergic reaction.


This medication should not be used by children under the age of 6 years unless directed to do so by a doctor. In the case of chewable tablets, this medication should not be used by children under the age of 2 years.


How to use Claritin

Before taking this medication, it is recommended to consult a doctor. This will ensure that Claritin is the best medication to treat your condition. Claritin will only treat your condition if it is the right prescription medication for the condition.


Follow all instructions on the packaging or as issued by the doctor. Sticking to the prescribed dose will ensure that you do not overdose or double dose on the medication. For those that need an adjustment on their dose, consult your doctor for dose adjustment.


This medication is taken through the mouth (orally). It is safe when taken with or without food. Also, it is better to take it at bedtime. It is recommended that Claritin is taken once a day. In the case of chewable tablets, chew them completely before swallowing.


The best results are realized when Claritin is regularly used. The dose is based on the condition being treated and response to the treatment. Also, it is recommended to take the medication at the same time every day. Do not stop taking Claritin until the prescribed period or treatment cycle is over.


Store this medication properly, at room temperature, away from moisture and heat. If your condition fails to improve after 3 days of treatment, consult your doctor.



Patients who are allergic to Claritin should not take it. Also, if you have had past cases of allergic reactions to medication, discuss them with your doctor. Before taking Claritin, consult your doctor or pharmacist. This will provide you with the understanding of whether Claritin is safe for you.


Claritin is not recommended for people with kidney/liver disease. Before getting Claritin, discuss your medical history with your doctor.


It is vital to inform the surgeon of your use of Claritin or any other medication you are currently using before undergoing surgery.


Drowsiness rarely occurs when taking Claritin. However, care should be taken to ensure that activities requiring alertness are only undertaken when full concentration has been regained.


Pregnant women should only use Claritin when clearly needed. More details can be obtained by talking to your doctor. For breastfeeding women, discuss with your doctor the pros and cons before breastfeeding as Claritin passes into breast milk but is unlikely to harm your nursing infant.


If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.


Side effects

There are no side effects experienced when taking this medication. However, symptoms of a serious allergic reaction should not be ignored. These include trouble breathing, severe dizziness, rash and swelling of the tongue/throat/face.


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