Benemid is also known as probenecid. The medication is important in enhancing the removal of uric acid through the urine. Uric acid is a byproduct of the metabolic reaction of purine nucleotides. The human body does not require a high concentration of uric acid. Increased concentration of uric acid is dangerous because it can cause gout. Benemid medication is also effective in treating gouty arthritis. The medication can be used to enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics. Patients are advised to buy Benemid online because it is cheap.



The medication is taken orally. The patient should drink water when taking the medication. Patients suffering from gout should take Benemid with a lot of water to prevent the development of kidney stones. It is advisable to take the medication two times daily during mealtimes to hinder stomach upset. Patients should consult a physician before using the medication. The health professionals provide effective advice on how to minimize the acidity level in the urine by using the Benemid medication. The patient is supposed to begin treatment using a low dosage of the medication. The dosage is then increased gradually if the uric acid content is high in the blood. Usage of the medication is not recommended when the patient has severe gout condition.


Common Side Effects of Benemid

The patients who use the medication experience higher frequency of urination. Other side effects include reduced appetite, sore gums, hair loss, and mild nausea. If the side effects are severe, the patient is advised to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Examples of severe side effects are lower back pain, fever, pale skin, and blood in urine. High concentration of uric acid is dangerous. The Benemid medication should be purchased from the online pharmacy to enhance the removal of uric acid through the urination process.


Safety Information

Patients should be very careful when taking Benemid with other medication; for example, penicillin, lorazepam, and zidovudine. These medications can harm the patient because they react negatively with Benemid. It is advisable to seek medical advice before buying the medication from the online pharmacy at a cheap price. The doctor should test the patient to ensure that he or she does not have negative reactions to the medication. Patients should not use the medication when he or she has conditions influenced by blood count; for example, anemia, liver disease, or bone marrow depression. The doctor should also be informed if the patient has cancer. Benemid causes dizziness. It is, therefore, advisable for people using the drug to desist from operating machinery or driving.


Benemid Storage

The medication is stored at room temperature, between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. It should be stored away from direct light, heat, or moisture. The storage place should be inaccessible to pets and children.



It is appropriate for customers to buy Benemid online. The online pharmacy is cheap and accessible at any time. The online pharmacy provides free delivery of the medication within the United States. Patients should seek the opinion of their physicians before they buy Benemid online. Doctors advise the customers on the right quantity and procedure of taking the medication.


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