Bactroban medication is an antibiotic that helps in preventing the growth of bacteria on your skin such as impetigo.


Important information about bactroban

Use this medication as prescribed by your doctor. Before taking this medication, it’s highly recommended that you tell your doctor if you have any allergies, reason because Bactroban contain of an ingredient called polyethylene glycol, which can cause allergic reaction or any other problems.


Signs of improvement will be seen between 3-5 days. If you condition do not improve its advisable that you see your doctor.


Before taking Bactoban medication

Do not use Bactoban medication if you


  • Are allergic to mupirocin
  • You have a child younger than 3 months
  • If you are pregnant
  • Kidney disease


It’s recommended that you contact your doctor before breast feeding a baby; reason because it’s not known whether mupirocin passes into breast feed or if it can harm a nursing baby.


How to use Bactroban Medication

Use this medication also as recommended by your doctor. Read the information on the prescription label and follow all the directions.


Apply this medication only on the skin, clean and dry then start with the affected area first.


Avoid using Bactroban medication around your:


  • Mouth
  • Eyes
  • Nose


If accidentally gets in any of above mentioned three, rinse carefully with a lot of water.


What if a patient misses a dose?

It’s recommended that you apply the missed dose as soon as you remember. If it is time for your next dose then skip the missed dose, do not apply extra medicine to make up to the missed dose.


Bactroban side effects

Major allergic reactions to Bactroban are very rare. But is recommended that you seek medical attention if you notice serious allergic reaction such as


  • Severe dizziness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Swelling on the face, tongue, throat
  • Rash
  • Continuous itching
  • Severe stomach pain
  • Any sign of a new skin infection


It’s highly restricted that you shouldn’t use any narcotic medication when you experience any of these symptoms because they only make them worse.


Minor side effects include


  • Nausea
  • Headache



Drug interactions may force to change how your medication work and increase the risk of serious side effects. Therefore, keep a list of all the products you use including prescription/non-prescription drugs and share it with your doctor. Do not change dosage without the doctor’s approval.


Bactroban storage

Store Bactoban medication in a cool, dry place at a room temperature away from children and from heat and moisture.


Buying Bactroban online

The best place to buy Bactroban medication is online there you will experience a cheap affordable value when you order bactroban medication through online pharmacy. Buying through online pharmacy, you will get a guaranteed advertised price for your discount prescription.



Bactroban medication should be used regularly and as prescribed by the doctor in order to get the most benefit out of it. Also its recommended that you seek medical attention if your condition does not improve between 3-5 days.


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