Aygestin is a medication that is used to treat various health conditions that affect the uterine and menstrual systems; for example, abnormal bleeding. The medication can also be used to treat medical conditions that have been identified by the doctor. The active ingredient in Aygestin is norethindrone. It is advisable to purchase the medication through the online pharmacy because it is cheap and accessible. Aygestin is also known by other names; for example, Brevicon, Modicon, Ovysmen, and Genora. The medication treats health conditions arising from hormonal imbalance and uterine bleeding. The online pharmacy sells the medication in stocks of 25 packs.


Aygestin Instructions

Patients who purchase the medication from the online pharmacy should use it according to the instructions of the doctor. The appropriate dosage of the medicine is indicated on the label clearly. Additional information about the use of Aygestin is indicated in the leaflet found inside the package. The patient is advised to seek further clarification about the use and effectiveness of the Aygestin medication. Patients consume the medication orally at the same time on a daily basis. If a dose of the medication is missed, the patient should take it at the most appropriate time. However, two doses of the medication cannot be taken at the same time.


Package and Pricing

Aygestin 5mg is available in three main packages at cheap prices. Patients can buy Aygestin online in a package that has 30 pills. The price of one package is $36.72. Cialis medication is provided as a bonus for the purchase. Customers can also purchase 60 pills at a price of $59.67. The purchase has a bonus of Levitra medication. The third Aygestin 5mg package has 90 pills. It is sold at a cheap price of $82.62. The bonus for the purchase is Viagra. Retail customers can purchase larger packages from the online pharmacy. These packages have 180 and 360 pills.


Storage and Safety Information

The Aygestin medication should be stored in a closed container at room temperature. The container should not be exposed to direct heat or moisture. The medication should be kept in a place that cannot be accessed by children and domestic pets. The patient should inform the doctor if he or she has existing health conditions; for example, allergies, seizures, obesity, or pregnancy. The doctor should be informed about existing medication procedures because certain medicines can react with Aygestin. Some medication that should not be used together with Aygestin are carbamazepine, rifampin, and tetracyclines.


Side Effects

Patients who use Aygestin medication can experience minor side effects. These minor conditions include acne, disruption in menstrual flow, dizziness, headache, and stomach pain. Other side effects are allergic reactions, depression, slurred speech, and fainting. Patients are advised to consult their doctors if the side effects are severe.



Patients should buy Aygestin online because it is cheap. The medication can also be purchased at any time through the online pharmacy. The pharmacy provides free delivery of the product in the United States and Canada. The medication should be used according to the advice of the doctor. The doctor is important in monitoring the recovery rate of the patient after using the medication.


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