Aurogra is a medication that is used by men in treating erectile dysfunction. This pill has proven to be highly effective and has thus become a choice for many. Taking Aurogra enhances a man’s sexual ability and delivers the desired results.


The active ingredient in Aurogra is Sildenafil Citrate. This is also the same active ingredient in Viagra. It works by relaxing the smooth muscles of the penis. This causes an increased blood flow to the penis, bringing about strong and hard erections.


How to use Aurogra

Before taking this medication, it is recommended to consult a doctor. This will ensure that Aurogra is the best medication to treat your condition. Also, consulting a doctor ensures that your Aurogra prescription is accurate for your condition.


Follow all instructions on the packaging or as issued by the doctor. Take only the dose prescribed. Consult your doctor if you need to have your dose adjusted. Stick to the dose prescribed to avoid any chance of overdosing or double dosing.


This medication is taken orally. Aurogra can be taken with or without food. It is taken once every day, about 45 minutes before sexual activity. The effects of this drug can last for about 4-5 hours. Avoid alcohol while taking Aurogra as it may prevent the occurrence of an erection. Aurogra 100 mg is the recommended dose of this medication.



Patients who are allergic to Aurogra should not take it. Also, if any medication has in the past caused an allergic reaction, inform your doctor before Aurogra is prescribed. For a better understanding of if Aurogra is safe for you, consult your doctor or pharmacist.


Aurogra is not recommended for people suffering from certain conditions. These are blood disorders, heart attack, liver disease, heart disease, kidney disease and thyroid problems. Discuss your medical history with your doctor before getting Aurogra.


Before undergoing surgery, ensure you inform the surgeon of your use of Aurogra or any other medication you are currently using. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.


Aurogra should only be used by men. This drug should by no means be used by women or children.


Side effects

Side effects are uncommon when taking Aurogra. However, users may experience indigestion, diarrhea, headache, flushing and stuffy nose. Consult your doctor if these effects occur persistently.


Serious side effects are uncommon. If you experience serious side effects, seek emergency medical assistance. These include vision changes, chest pain, changes in hearing, fast/irregular heartbeat, breathing problems, seizures and prolonged/painful erections.


Cheap Aurogra online

People worldwide are looking for the best solution to treat ED. This has led them to seek avenues to buy Aurogra. Online pharmacies remain the most practical solution in buying Aurogra. When you buy Aurogra online, you enjoy discounted prices and excellent services.


Cheap Aurogra can easily be found online depending on the online pharmacy you settle on. Also, you get the convenience of shipping of your medication to the destination of your choice. Men with ED should no longer suffer in silence as the solution is here.


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