Astelin is a medication that is used to provide relief from nasal symptoms that include sneezing, post-nasal drip and runny/stuffy/itching nose brought about by allergies or other conditions. this drug is classified as an antihistamine. It blocks histamines, which are natural substances responsible for nasal symptoms.

How to use Astelin

Before taking this medication, it is recommended to consult a doctor. This will ensure that Astelin is the best medication to treat your condition. Also, consulting a doctor ensures that your Astelin prescription is accurate for the condition.

Follow all instructions on the packaging or as issued by the doctor. Take only the dose prescribed. Consult your doctor if you need to have your dose adjusted. Stick to the dose prescribed to avoid any chance of overdosing or double dosing.

Astelin comes in the form of a spray. If you are using the spray pump for the first time or not used it in 3 days, carry out spray tests before using. A fine mist is an indication that the pump is in proper working condition.

Before spraying this medication, it is recommended to gently blow our nose. Use this medication in both nostrils once or twice a day. Avoid spraying the eyes or mouth. Keep track of the number of times the spray pump is used. Once you reach the number recommended by the manufacturer, discard the pump.

For the best results, use Astelin regularly. Dosage is prescribed according to response to therapy and medical condition.


Patients who are allergic to Astelin should not take it. Also, if any medication has in the past caused an allergic reaction, inform your doctor before Astelin is prescribed. For a better understanding of if Astelin is safe for you, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Astelin is not recommended for people suffering from kidney problems. Before getting Astelin, discuss your medical history with your doctor.

Astelin may cause drowsiness. Avoid any activities that depend on your alertness during this period. Resume these activities once full concentration has been regained. Also, avoid alcoholic beverages.

Before undergoing surgery, ensure you inform the surgeon of your use of Astelin or any other medication you are currently using. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Astelin should be used during pregnancy only when clearly needed. For more information, talk to your doctor. It is not known if the drug passes into breast milk. Talk to your doctor before breastfeeding.

Side effects

Side effects are uncommon when taking Astelin. However, users may experience drowsiness, bitter taste in the mouth, dry mouth, red eyes, weight gain, nausea, muscle aches, nosebleeds, coughs, sneezing fits and runny nose. Consult your doctor if these effects occur persistently.

Serious side effects are uncommon. If you experience serious side effects, seek emergency medical assistance. These include trouble breathing and severe dizziness.

Cheap Astelin online

Astelin continues to be one of the best medications for nasal symptoms. Most users have experienced success with it. This leads them to buy more of this medication. Most choose to buy cheap Astelin online as it is very convenient.

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