Artane medication is a drug belonging to a class of medicines called antispasmodic drugs. Trihexyphenidyl is commonly used to treat unusually coordinated nervous impulses as well as helping some users relax their stiff muscles. Artane is generically known as Trihexyphenidyl. Another common brand Name of Artane is Trihexane.


Artane contains Trihexyphenidyl HCl as the active ingredient. It has many other inactive ingredients such as 5% alcohol solution, Flavours, mint and citrus, Sodium Chloride, Propylparaben, Sorbitol solution and Methylparaben.


How to use Artane.

Artane is a cheap drug available in almost any local pharmacy. Users who are in need of Artane can buy Artane online and achieve these therapeutic uses available. Despite the fact that anyone can purchase Artane drugs, a strict medical guideline is recommended to control its usage. Sticking to a doctor’s guidance is the only sure prove of safety regarding its usage.


For a new patient, a single dosage of 1mg tablets or gel is appropriate. Tablets are containing 2mg and 5ml of trihexyphenidyl HCl. This dosage is typically the form of treatment prescribed for muscle related disease conditions such as Parkinsonism. Artane medication treats muscle tremors, muscle spasms, abnormal shaking behaviour, Parkinson’s disease and poor muscle control.


Drug interactions

Atrane drug may interact with, Phenothiazines, Thiothixene, alcohol, tricyclic antidepressants chlorprothixene, some antihistamines (Like those found in common prescriptions e.g. Over-the-counter drugs treating allergy, cold, and sleep medicines), quinidine, Amantadine, digoxin, or haloperidol. It is important to tell the medical practitioner about all medications and supplements you are currently using before taking Artane.


Side effects of Artane medicines

Just like any other drug, Artane users may report some unwanted side effects. The side effects are often mild but may at times shift from being severe to chronic. For instance, some people have said to experience anxiety, nervousness, headache, decreased sweating, shaking, flushing, drowsiness, blurry vision and enlarged eye pupils. In less severe cases, users may face constant stomach upsets, constipation, urinating difficulties, dry mouth and breathing problems.


Precautions to take while using Artane

Some studies have shown that Artane can be injurious to an unborn baby. Consequently, pregnant mothers should avoid the use of Artane and seek relevant medical solutions. Artane has the capability of passing to a breastfeeding infant through breastmilk. Lactating mothers experiencing muscle problems should not use this drug.


If you experience any of the followings upon taking Artane, seek immediate medical care: fitting, severe chest pain, fainting, altered heartbeat, hallucinations, vision changes, visualising colours, confusion, memory loss and high fever.



Artane is a powerful drug which when used correctly can lead to numerous beneficial factors. It is very useful in correcting muscle related disorders such as muscle spasms. Although Artane is a drug available for almost anybody to purchase over the counter, users who buy Artane online are advised to stick to a strict doctor’s guidelines. Adhering to a medical practitioner’s advice does not only guarantee one safety in its usage but also faster action time of the drug. Remember a doctor always weighs the benefit over the risk before prescribing a certain drug.


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