Pain is one of the most common symptoms of the inflammatory process. In order treat pain, it is necessary to reduce an inflammatory process, and Arcoxia will help you to do that.


About Arcoxia

Arcoxia is a nonsteroid anti-inflammatory product which neutralizes an inflammatory process and reduces pain. It contains an ingredient Etoricoxib.


Arcoxia inhibits medical symptoms of the inflammatory process: edema, severe pain, fever, and tightness. This drug blocks COX2 – an enzyme which takes part in the inflammatory reaction. It is considered that a selective blocking of COX2 helps to achieve a fast anti-inflammatory action and reduce an affection of the locomotor system.


Arcoxia shows the highest activity during the treatment of the inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the locomotor system. Unlike many NSAIDs, Arcoxia does not affect the gastro-intestinal tract and does not influence on the function of platelets. In spite of this, the use of Arcoxia may be accompanied by some side effects, and therefore patients are recommended taking the drug under the supervision of a medical specialist.


Arcoxia reduces pain of the middle severity. A therapeutic effect may be noticed in an hour after the peroral use of a one-time dose of Arcoxia. The effect is kept within 24 hours.


Indications for the use

  • Treatment of moderate pain after dental operations
  • Treatment of osteoporosis
  • Treatment of gout
  • Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
  • Management of pain during inflammatory diseases of soft tissues


In what dose is Arcoxia used?

Using Arcoxia on an empty stomach, the effect appears faster but the unpleasant side effects may occur in the digestion system. If it happens, take Arcoxia during or after meals.


A pill of Arcoxia is used once per day. The dose depends on the severity of the inflammatory process and pain intensity:


  • If osteoarthrosis, it is necessary to take a pill of Arcoxia 60 mg per day
  • If rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondyloarthritis, Arcoxia 90 mg is used per day
  • To remove pain and inflammation during acute gout arthritis, Arcoxia 120 mg is taken per day


Recommendations for the use

  • In case of the diseases of the cardiovascular system, Arcoxia should be used in the minimal dose and for a short period in order to minimize a risk of the side effect appearance
  • In case of the acute condition of the gastric ulcer, the treatment should be stopped during the use of Arcoxia
  • If renal/hepatic/heart failure, the use of Arcoxia is contraindicated
  • In case of chronic hypertension which may be hardly controlled with the help of a medical product, the use of Arcoxia is not recommended
  • Arcoxia is not prescribed patients under 18 years old and pregnant women


Side effects

Using Arcoxia patients often complain for the following symptoms: headache, dizziness, weakness, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, cough, dyspnea appearance, dyspepsia, and muscle cramps.


If the side effects cause a severe discomfort, it is necessary to stop the treatment and consult a physician.


Where to buy Arcoxia?

Before buying Arcoxia without prescription in the online pharmacy, we strictly recommend you to read the instruction for the use of this product. A consultation with a pharmacist is not obligatory but you can use this service and find out how to use Arcoxia without prescription. A pharmacist’s consultation of the online pharmacy is free of charge.


If you have already used Arcoxia without prescription, you can place an order and do your things. A shipment of Arcoxia online is made to any country.


Arcoxia online can be bought by means of a bank card. We guarantee you 100% confidentiality of your personal data. Buying Arcoxia online will save your money and time.


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