Amoxil (Amoxicillin)



Amoxil is an antibiotic that is used in fighting a wide range of bacteria. It is classified as a penicillin under the class of antibiotics. It is very popular as it is used in treating common infections such as bronchitis, tonsillitis, gonorrhea, pneumonia and infections of the urinary tract, skin, ear, nose and throat. All these infections are caused by bacteria.


When used alongside clarithromycin, Amoxil is also used in the treatment of stomach ulcers that result from a Helicobacter pylori infection. Sometimes, this combination is used alongside an acid reducer called Lansoprazole.


How to use Amoxil

Before taking this medication, it is recommended to consult a doctor. This will ensure that Amoxil is the best medication to treat your infection. Also, when you consult a doctor, the appropriate dose will be issued according to your condition.


Amoxil 500 mg is a very common dose of this medication. This dose should only be used by adults and children above the age of 10. It should be taken every 8 hours. Amoxil is administered orally.


When taking Amoxil 500 mg, ensure you follow the directions of the doctor or pharmacist. Also, follow the directions and instructions on the packaging. When prescribed in liquid form, ensure you use the special measuring spoon provided to accurately measure out the dose. When in liquid form, Amoxil can be mixed with baby formula, milk, water, fruit juice or ginger ale. The mixture should be drunk immediately.


When prescribed as a chewable tablet, ensure you chew the tablet before swallowing.



Patients who are allergic to Amoxil should not take it. Also, those who have had an allergic reaction to medication should report these past incidences to the doctor before a prescription is issued. To understand in Amoxil 500 mg is safe for you, consult your doctor or pharmacist.


Amoxil 500 mg is not recommended for people suffering from certain conditions. These include liver disease, kidney disease, asthma, food or drug allergies, mononucleosis and diarrhea caused by antibiotics. Always discuss your medical history with your doctor before getting any medication.


Before any surgical procedures, ensure the surgeon is aware of your use of this medication. also, inform them of any other medication you are using at the time.


For pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, consult your doctor before using Amoxil. Even though the medication may not harm an unborn baby, in the case of breastfeeding, Amoxil passes into breast milk and poses a risk to the infant.


Side effects

Side effects are uncommon when taking Amoxil. However, users may experience vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, headache, swollen tongue, vaginal itching or discharge. Consult your doctor if these effects occur persistently.


Serious side effects are uncommon. If you experience serious side effects, seek emergency medical assistance. These include rash/itching, swollen glands , severe tingling, muscle weakness, severe pain, pain when swallowing, bloody diarrhea, easy bruising and severe skin reaction.


Amoxil 500 mg online

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