Allegra is an antihistamine that is used to treat allergy symptoms like sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes. It also treats skin itching and hives in both adults and children. Allega comes in tablet and liquid form whereby when placed in the mouth, it quickly dissolves and when in liquid form it is advisable to shake the bottle well. Allegra works by blocking histamine a substance the body produces during an allergic reaction. It is not reccomended taking the medication with juices such as grape and apple juice because it decreases absorption of the tablet in the body.


Directions For Use

The dosage of Allegra depends on a number of factors such as age, response to treatment and any medical conditions or medical history. Take the tablet on an empty stomach and rather than swallowing at once, let it dissolve in the mouth then take a full glass of water. Do not take antacids when taking the medication.


Side Effects

Common side effects include, nausea, stomach upset, cough and fever. There are few rare cases of serious side efects such as difficulty breathing, swellng and sores on the mouth, tongue and throat of which one should see a doctor.


Advantages of Buying Allegra Online

Online pharmacies have become vey popular among people with need to have access to medication without necessarily making the trip to the doctor or clinic. Here are the benefits of buying allegra online.


  • Patients and customers have access to the medication regardless of their location. They simply have to sign up to one of the many online pharmaceutical websites, make an order, checkout and wait for delivery.
  • Buying medication online is not only reliable but it is also cheap. The prices are affordable and even carry discount offers. In addition the buyer saves money for fare and gas since he or she does not need to make the trip to the pharmacy.
  • Buying allegra online will ensure that a buyer is kept annonymous incase he feels shy or embarrased. The buyers can hence communicate with the pharmacy without having to disclose their identities.
  • Online pharmacies provide free consulting services whereby the patient can speak directly to a doctor regarding the medication. These doctors in turn advice their patients on matters like how to use the drug and interactions.
  • Online pharmacies have made it possible for people worldwide to have access to healthcare and medical treatment. People from all over the world can register with these onlince pharmacies and order for their medications.
  • Online pharmacies are available 24/7. There is no closing time meaning patients have access to healthcare anytime of the day. There is always a proffessional at the end of the line ready to answer questions and giving medical advice.

    To conclude, the rise of online pharmacies have made it possible for people have access to medication like allegra. Before signing into any online pharmacy, check for a couple of things in order to prove its legitimacy. These include being ceritified by, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA).


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