Aldactone is a pill or medication that prevents too much salt being absorbed into the body as well as to maintain low pottasium levels. Aldactone is used to ensure that aldosterone; a hormone produced in the body for salt and water regulation, is balanced by decreasing over production. Doctors also use aldactone to treat conditions like edema, heart failure, cirrhosis of the liver, and kidney disorder.


Dosage Usage

It is advisable to first seek a doctor’s advice before using the pill to avoid suffering violent and even fatal side effects. Patients should first be tested in order for the result to determine if aldactone should be taken in the long or short term period. The long term period could be in a span of three to four weeks. If such is the case, one should administer a daily dosage of 400mg for the said period of time. The short term period of administering the medication is four days and a daily dosage of 400mg.


When used in the treatment of edema in adults, a daily dosage of 100mg is administered for at least five days. When treating essential hypertention a daily dosage of 50 to 100mg is given for two weeks. Patients with severe heart failure will take 25mg once daily even though this dosage may change depending on how tolerable or intolerable one is to the medication.


Side effects

This medication is associated with side effects such as hair loss or thinnng of hair, leg cramps, sores and swellings and stomach upsets. Major side effects include, drowsiness, headache, fever loss of appetite, breast pain, chest pain, convulsions and heartburn.


Benefits of Buying Aldactone Online

There are many benefits of buyng aldactone online and they are as follows.


1. This is a medication that one needs expert advise and consultation before administering and usage. Online pharmacies provide this opportunity for patients because they have qualified medical practitioners who are ready to assist patients with relevant information.


2. Online pharmacies are reliable as they are open 24/7. This means patients can make their orders any time of the day by simply logging on to the website, signing up and making an order.


3. It is cheap and affordable to get a service from an online pharmacy. In addition to having great rates, they also have unbelievable discounts. It also saves a patient time as he or she does not need to drive to a clinic or pharmacy since the medication is delivered right at one’s doorstep.


4. People from all over the world have access to good healthcare because of the existence of online pharmacies. They do not have to book appointments, stand in long queus or suffer due to shortage of drugs.


5. Online pharmacies preserve the annonymity of their customers. A person does not have to feel insecure about their identity being known in case they do not want to worry their families and loved ones.


6. An online pharmacy is a platform where people can discuss their conditions freely without having to worry about meeting face to face in case they feel shy or embarrased.


To conclude, online pharmacies ensure to provide the best medical services for their patients. Be careful not to fall for fradulent pharmacies by checking if they are approved by pharmacy boards like Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and


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