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Which Brand of Orlistat is the Best, Alli or Xenical?

Orlistat is a popular drug that is used for weight loss. Many people prefer to use this drug because it does not work like the other types of weight reduction drugs that are available in the market. Orlistat is sold under two variants; Alli and Xenical. The two types of medication have one similarity; they have Orlistat as the main active ingredient. On the other hand, they are different in that you can buy one over the counter while the other one is a prescription drug. This should not be the only determinant when you want to buy either Alli or Xenical as there are more factors that you should put into consideration.

Before comparing Alli or Xenical, you should make sure that you understand how Orlistat functions. This active ingredient works by stopping the breakdown of fats by inhibiting lipase. This means that the fat, found in food, will not find its way into the bloodstream and is excreted without being broken down or digested. Orlistat works perfectly if you want to lose weight over time without gaining any of it back. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of Alli and Xenical that will help decide which drug is the best one for you:

The Differences Between Alli and Xenical

Dosage – Alli is available at the dosage strength of 60mg while the dosage of Xenical is 120mg.

Cost – being a prescription drug, Xenical is more expensive than Alli.

Suitability – Xenical comes in a higher dosage than Alli and this makes it more suitable for people who are highly obese or those who have a higher chance of developing weight related complications and, therefore, need weight loss medication. Xenical works best when the user adheres to a good diet and working out is not enough to lose the excess weight.

Alli is good for those who want to shed a few pounds while on a low-calorie diet.

Effectiveness – Alli is not as powerful as Xenical and it takes longer to get the full weight loss benefits.

Which Drug Should You Take, Xenical or Alli?

Whichever drug you decide to take, you must take it three times every day with food. Since both these drugs have Orlistat, you should expect some side effects such as flatulence and oily stools. No need to worry about these effects because they wear off once the body adjusts to the drug. If the side effects are of great concern to you, then you should use Alli first and note how it works for you. For greater and faster weight loss benefits then you should use Xenical, just remember that you must have a prescription to use this drug.

It is easy to manage the costs with Alli pills but you may also get Xenical help if you have the right insurance plan especially if your weight is causing other health complications.

Alli is also more readily available but you should talk to your doctor before you decide on the dosage. Consulting your doctor is recommended as you will be informed on how to take Orlistat for effective and efficient weight loss with either Alli or Xenical.

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